Natalia and Elena Levin, two sisters forced to separate as teenagers in 1975, right after Natalia’s militant boyfriend Martin was disappeared by the military dictatorship, reunite in 1984 in a country foreign to both of them. Natalia, who has been living in exile in Spain, travels to visit Elena, who has just moved to suburban Texas with her husband and son. It’s been nine years since they’ve see
The Magic Gloves (Los Guantes Mágicos)
His Renault 12 may be old, crappy and terribly un-cool, but for 35-year-old car service driver Alejandro (played by "Vicentico," singer and leader of the popular Argentine rock band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) it's a haven of peace and his sole object of desire — besides disco dancing, that is. When the good-natured driver runs into fast-talking self-made “Piraña” one evening, he begins spiraling in
La friebre del Loco
Set in a breathtaking landscape of a remote coastal town in Patagonia, La Fiebre del Loco tells the comical and moving story of an infectious fever that temporarily contaminates southern Chile. When the authorities briefly lift a ban on fishing the loco, a shellfish with aphrodisiac powers–divers, fishermen, dealers, businessmen and prostitutes all descend to a small fishing village in search of t
Felicidades (Lucho Bender)
It’s a hot, muggy Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires, and everyone is hectically preparing for the holidays. In a series of wry coincidences, an overworked stand-up comic, a successful writer, a young father and a handsome doctor cross paths as they each try to make it through a night of most peculiar and unusual circumstances. In his feature film debut, Bender beautifully balances a fast paced story with sensitive character portraits, revealing a style and sensibility that evoke Robert Altman’s genius for interweaving plot lines and characters and Jim Jarmusch’s depictions of surviving alienation and disillusionment. An instant critical and commercial hit, Felicidades was Argentina’s official selection for the 2000 Academy Awards’ foreign language category.
Tinta Roja / Días de Santiago Trailers
Selected by over 80 Film Festivals worldwide and winning no less than a dozen prestigious awards, Josué Méndez´s extraordinary debut explores the tragic impossibility of a war veteran to re-integrate into civilian life. 23-year old Santiago (Pietro Sibille, in a “volcanic performance,” Variety) returns home, weary from years of jungle fighting, searching for hope. But his native Lima has become a
Domesticas (O filme)
No meio do nosso Brasil tem um outro Brasil. Um Brasil invisível. Um Brasil que, apesar de morar dentro da sua casa, preparar sua comida e mexer nas suas gavetas, é como se não estivesse lá. Um Brasil que, se desaparecer... Cuidado, meu amigo, você estará entregue à própria sorte. É aquele Brasil que, na vida real, cuida de seus luxos e trapos e que, no cinema, passa lá ao fundo, com a bandeja e o
Un Dia de Suerte (A Lucky Day)
In the midst of a city shaken by social unrest, unemployment and political turmoil, 25-year-old Elsa barely makes a living via odd jobs and petty crimes. She hopes to find a decent job but the reality that surrounds her is hostile and the future is bleak. There clearly seems to be no place for her, or her friends, in Argentina. The desire for a better life and the memory of a fleeting Italian boyf
La Desazón Suprema
La Desazón Suprema: Retrato Incesante De Fernando Vallejo (The Supreme Uneasiness: Incessant Portrait of Fernando Vallejo) Colombia, 2003, 90 min. Directed by Luis Ospina Colombian biographer, linguist, filmmaker, novelist, musician and biologist Fernando Vallejo came to global acclaim through filmmaker Barbet Schroeder’s adaptation of his novel, “Our Lady of the Assassins." Vallejo’s writing has been praised for its force and rigor, and critics have singled him out as one of the leading Latin American authors. Considered a provocateur by many for his politically incorrect and bold accusations, he is nonetheless an essential critic of the atrocities committed in his beloved country, from which he was forced to exile (he has lived in Mexico over 20 years). An intimate and extraordinary documentary about an eccentric iconoclast.
El Perro
Trailers in italiano del film Bombòn el perro di Carlos Sorin. L'amicizia è una questione d'istinto...
A starkly realistic story of an illegal immigrant from Bolivia who lands a job with a greasy spoon on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, poignantly limns the world of poverty, racism and casual violence that characterize his newfound reality. Bolivia is an urgent and timely drama of life in Argentina, a nation in crisis that in the last few years has reached unprecedented poverty levels, vast unemployment, bankruptcy, and a dramatically shrinking economy.
Bajo California – El Límite del Tiempo
"Bajo California el Límite del Tiempo" fragmento que más me gusta de la película un film de Carlos Bolado con Damián Alcázar y Jesús Ochoa
Ana y los otros (Trailer)
Ana and the Others is an intimate portrait of a young woman who returns to her small, provincial hometown for the first time in years since moving away to the big city of Buenos Aires. Newcomer Camila Toker brilliantly plays Ana, a 25-year-old who goes back home to the river town of Paraná for Christmas after many years and reunites with old friends most of whom have, for better and worse, settle