The Music According to Antonio Carlos Jobim
The 49th New York Film Festival (2011) presents: The Music According to Antonio Carlos Jobim, directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Dora Jobim *** Press Screening at the Walter Reade Theater - Lincoln Center *** Synopsis: Composer/performer Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim introduced Brazil and bossa nova to the world with "The Girl from Ipanema". He went on to write literally dozens of classic songs recorded by the international royalty of pop music. Legendary Brazilian director Nelson Pereira dos Santos has now created this loving, tuneful tribute to Jobim, featuring extraordinary renditions of Jobim standards by artists ranging from Judy Garland, Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque and Lisa Ono. A veritable carnival of musical styles and approaches, all celebrating the unique artistry of Tom Jobim.
Bowery Poetry Club
Bowery Poetry Club
Ivy Goulart
10 anos de estrada
Documentario Stela Brandao
Filme produzido por Ivy Goulart em homenagem a Stela Brandao.
Documentario Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Documentario produzido por Ivy Goulart para abertura da Sala Nelson Pereira dos Santos na Biblioteca Brasileira de New York, com a presenca do diretor Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Squaring the Circle
A dance piece by Marcelo Nigri
Gente Criança - Comboio Cultural
Homenagem a Marines Ramos. Apresentação do Gente Criança em São Paulo - 2002. No elenco, Marley Mello, Ivy Goulart, Simone Magalhães, Karina Lombardi e Marinês Ramos
Ouro Negro (PRESS)
Bastidores do filme Ouro Negro
Edilamar (PRESS)
Bastidores do filme Edilamar
Alem da luz (PRESS)
Bastidores de Alem da luz
Francisco de Assis (PRESS)
Bastidores de Francisco de Assis
Black Gold
Synopsis: It honors the 31 coal miners who died in a mining accident on September 10, 1984, in the Coal Industry Basin of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil. In surprising interviews, miners expose their fears in contradictory accounts. "A documentary that is able to dive into the social tragedy without relinquishing the protagonists’ poetry and subjectivity." (Luiz Carlos Lacerda, Brazilian filmmaker) Director and screenwriter: Ivy Goulart Directors of photography: Nany Góis and Ivy Goulart Camera operator: Ivy Goulart Art directors: Nilton Ferraro and Ivy Goulart Editors: Alexandre Costa and Fabio Fausto Music: Caetano Veloso and David Peña Dorantes Executive producer: Marcelo Nigri Producers: Ivy Goulart and Marcelo Nigri Production: Goulart Filmes
Synopsis: Illuminations tells a story about two dancers who experience their bodies in a process of creation, while a painter is in existential and artistic conflict with himself. Under an Impressionist photography, the painting and the dance lie in the unconsciousness of the characters, who come alive in a poetic and narrative context, enriched with poems by Fernando Pessoa. "Old sailors had a glorious phrase: Sailing is essential; living is not essential. I want the spirit of this phrase for me. Living is not necessary; creating is necessary. Even if I have to use my body and my voice As a means of sustaining this fire." (Fernando Pessoa, Brazilian poet) Director and screenwriter: Ivy Goulart Assistant director: Thiago Magalhães Director of photography: Ivy Goulart Camera operator: Ivy Goulart and Thiago Magalhães Choreographers and dancers: João Paulo Gross and Marcelo Nigri Actor and painter: Alexandre Rudáh Editors: Antonia Gama and Telma Cunha Music: Felipe Rocha and Carles Fontova Executive producer: Marcelo Nigri Producers: Ivy Goulart and Marcelo Nigri Production: Goulart Filmes
Synopsis: Many characters cross paths to tell the story of Edilamar, a young woman full of life and beloved by all. A tragic accident happens to Edilamar which marks the lives of her friends, relatives and other people from the small town. Her premonition of the accident pulls together the pieces of the puzzle of her story. Director and screenwriter: Ivy Goulart Assistant director: Marcelo Nigri Director of photography: Allan Dias Prado Assistant director of photography: Lucélia N. Prado Camera operator: Ivy Goulart Assistant camera operator: Marcelo Nigri Art director: Ivy Goulart Sound operator: Nayglon Goulart Sound editor: Walter Goulart Editors: Antonia Gama and Fabio Fausto Music: Os Mirins, Renato Borguetti and Gilberto Gil Executive producer: Instituto Marlin Azul Producers: Ivy Goulart, Marcelo Nigri and Nayglon Goulart Production: Goulart Filmes Cast: Lilian Martins Ghisi, Adriana Farias de Medeiros, Dionysio Damiani, Karollaine Estevan, Leandro Pedroso, Mairon Nunes, Marinete Martins, Mattheus Pereira Machado, Nayglon Goulart, Maria de Lurdes Estevan, Marlei T. Cardoso Goulart and Soraia Schug.
Cultural Convoy
Dance, music, circus, opera and theater everywhere in the state of Paraná. The Cultural Convoy was an unusual project that transformed nine buses into stages and traveled through 399 towns from 1999 to 2002, with three thousand spectacles seen by more than two million people. Goulart's camera tracked unique and precious moments of a successful cultural project undertaken in Brazil.
Beyond the Light
Synopsis: Beyond the Light portrays the lives of four blind people who are members of the Association for the Visually Impaired of Cocal do Sul (ADVICOSUL), in a small town of Santa Catarina. Goulart exposes the reality of their lives through upbeat accounts regarding the visual impairment and that the path to a normal life is education and information. The importance of Louis Braille in this process is crucial and, therefore, Goulart went to France to discover the history of the renowned man who invented a simple and useful writing system, which opened the doors of knowledge to all those who can’t see.