Deadly Cigar
Cigar assassination from a classic movie.
Purito Cigars
Purito Cigars
Introducing CAO America: The World Premiere
Introducing CAO America, the newest cigar from CAO International.
World Record breaking longest cigar
Cuba's cigar-rolling king Jose Castelar looks set to miss out on a new world record for the world's longest cigar.
Cusano Cigars "Factory Tour" with Mike Chiusano
Taken at Famous Smoke Shop (, Mike Chiusano of Cusano Cigars takes you through a virtual "factory tour" of their finest premium cigars, including their luxurious Cuvée cigars, and new "Habano Sun Grown LXI" and "Rare Cameroon 59" cigars.
Gurkha Booth
Jerry from The Stogie Review, checks out the Gurkha Booth at the 2008 IPCPR in Las Vegas.
Arturo Fuente Cigars
Marketing Video. Executive Producer Doug Scott, PTG Studios. Editor Chris Bukowski
Premium Cigars - manufacture and visit to Fuente factory
The manufacture of a premium cigar, from seed to smoke, is shown with the aid of Carlos Fuente, Jr, and the Fuente Fuente Opus X. clips shown of the Fuente hand-rolling room, cigars packed in mahogany boxes, tobacco growing in Dominican Republic, tobacco getting graded, aged, and smoked. bit of history of Cuban and cigar manufacturing is discussed
Cæcilie Norby - Cuban Cigars
Cæcilie Norby - Cuban Cigars
How Turkish Cigars are Made
Contrary to popular belief, cigars are not rolled on thighs but on a wooden table with carefully selected prime tobacco leaves, piece by piece until the cigar is made.
Crown 7 - Smokelss Cigars
What's a nicotine fiend to do? Cigarettes could soon cost $9 a pack in New York -- and there seem to be so few places where a smoker can indulge. Enter the electronic cigarette, the brainchild of an Arizona entrepreneur. Watch the video to learn more about the Crown Seven.
Smoking a cigar
Smoking a cigar
Crown7 offers you the first alternative to smoking
Electronic cigarettes, also called an e-cigarette (or e-smokes) is a electric version of a cigarette, providing small amounts of nicotine with each inhalation. But, instead of unhealthy smoke dispersing from the cigarette, harmless water vapor is dispersed through the machine. And the best thing about the new smoking alternative from Crown7 is that you can enjoy anywhere you wish, even indoors! We are proud to be the top provider of electric cigarettes, electric cigars, electric pipes and accessories! Browse our selection of smokeless cigarettes today!
Frankie Smoking Fetish
Frankie is a well-known fetish star who smokes More 120s and cigars. Here is a brief clip of the stunning blonde, Frankie.
Cigar Muscle Growth
Sometimes, smoking can be good for your health.
Weird Al Yankovic - Close But No Cigar
Weird Al Yankovic Close But No Cigar (C) 2006 Volcano Entertainment III, LLC
Group Cigar Sex
animation - group cigar sex
Padron Cigars
Started in Miami, Florida, Padron Cigars carefully controls the making of each cigar. Every tobacco leaf is hand-selected to make a fine product that lets you share stories between friends. Visit Padron Cigars online for more information with some interesting tidbits.
Ernie Kovacs for Dutch Masters cigars
From the late 50's onward, Ernie Kovacs was sponsored by the makers of Dutch Masters cigars. A match made in heaven, (even though Ernie only smoked Havanas) because Ernie was allowed to make the ads himself. Here are two examples, one where Mr. Kovacs and Joe Mikolas are in a wild west showdown (the ending will be familiar to anyone who has seen a lot of cartoons) and a take on the Pocahontas story.
Hamlet cigars - photobooth
One of the most famous adverts for Hamlet cigars